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Lazy Load in MVC4

Infinite Scrolling is a UX design pattern that can be used as an alternative to paging results. I used Mika Tuupola’a Lazy Load plugin for JQuery to implement this pattern in a photo database written using MVC4. This plugin allows efficient browsing of BLOBs being streamed from the database, without wasting server resources. In the article, I also point out the importance of using AnonymousObjectToHtmlAttributes to preserve HTML5 data-dash attributes.
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WGFD Wildlife Permitting

The Wildlife Division had five separate Access databases, accessible from only one location. Not only were the databases functioning poorly, they had also become a chokepoint in the workflow of one of the Game & Fish Department’s core functions. The project involved migrating these databases into a single subsystem of an existing ASP.NET MVC web application running on a SQL Server enterprise database.
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