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Passed 70-487

I’m so excited, because I just passed the 70-487 exam, “Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services”. That means I have earned the designation of “Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer: Web Applications”. It’s been over two years since I started studying for my first exam, with a break in the middle. So, I am really proud of this achievement, and I think it really validates my experience.
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Passed 70-461

I passed the 70-461 exam on my first shot — “Querying SQL Server 2012”. I thought that the exam would be trivial, since I have so much experience, and the exam is called “Querying”. That’s partly true, but I learned some things that I should have known, and I learned some things specific to SQL Server 2012. In that sense, certification fulfilled the goal of improving my craft and staying current with technology.
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SQL Server Database Snapshots

A snapshot is an instant read-only copy of a database that can be queried or used as a restore point. You might take a snapshot before running any modification queries in production, or to give yourself a restore point when performing a deployment. Even in a sophisticated team, I’m certain that snapshots can solve an existing problem for every developer.
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Index Fragmentation

Think of index fragmentation on SQL Server like hard drive fragmentation. Every time you edit a file, the computer stores pieces of the file all over the hard drive. Over time, this gets worse. Pretty soon, your computer has to jump all over the hard drive to find all the piece of a single file, and performance suffers. The same thing happens to indexes in a database. Every time somebody makes an insert, update or delete, the index becomes fragmented. Technically, the physical order of the index becomes increasingly different than the logical order. Pretty soon, the index needs to be rebuilt. This applies to clustered and nonclustered indexes.
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Passed 70-486

I passed my 70-486 exam today. I would hope so, since this exam covers what I do all day, every day. This is called¬†Developing ASP.NET 4.5 MVC Web Applications.¬†Having already taken my first exam (70-480) a few weeks ago, I knew what to expect. I also knew the location of the testing center, how long it would take (two hours and thirty minutes through Denver’s rush hour traffic), etc. So, I was pretty relaxed.
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