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Portico API

Sidwell’s flagship web product, Portico, is growing in so many ways. In addition to maintaining the original Silverlight control, I’ve developed a mobile website, and I am about to develop a whole new application containing several “widgets” using the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS. We also have an Advanced Print Preview and some custom reports that access the backend. Portico has become so much more than a website — it’s a development platform — and I certainly will not predict the next applications to be built on this platform. So, I decided the time has come to separate the traditional Portico website from it’s backend services, and deliver the backend through a new API.
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Discovery Management System

For a criminal defense attorney, I developed a document management system to catalog large volumes of discovery. The system was built using PHP and MySQL. As Each piece of discovery is viewed and assigned keywords. Discovery could then be retrieved by keyword, saving a dramatic amounts of time during trial preparation. In very large, high profile cases, the system provided a competitive advantage that was instrumental in responding to otherwise impossible inquiries from attorneys.

Let’s Go…

Let’s Go… was founded to address the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities aged 15 and over. The mission of Let’s Go… was to facilitate the building of friendships, natural supports and connections between individuals with developmental disabilities and the community at large.


I developed the online presence and information management systems using PHP and MySQL. This included building the event management system, which used VoiceXML to interface with an IVR system, allowing customers to access event schedules without using a computer. This also included building the the photo sharing and carpool network subsystems.

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Judicial Independence Bibliography

The Brennan Center for Justice required a searchable database of bibliographic references. The project involved data modelling, development, and data migration. Articles were searched by keyword, browsed by topic, or viewed in a printable version. A key challenge involved categorizing articles in an indefinite hierarchy of topics and subtopics. The project was built using PHP and MySQL.


reEmploy is a staffing and agency that allows key knowledge workers to return to their former employers after retirement. The project involved working with the client and a payroll agency to develop a business process model. All operations for time tracking, verification, payrolling, and invoicing were brought online through the system, which was built using object-oriented PHP and backed by a MySQL database.

Homeboyz Training System

Designed, built and deployed one-of-a-kind training system based on the “cafeteria of learning”.

  • Student-centered, exercise-driven approach in which trainees move at their own pace, offering multiple pathways through the curriculum based on former client projects.
  • Online self-quiz with tutorial response offers an additional method for students to assess their own learning, and then target weaknesses.
  • Daily online journal encourages trainees to be reflective learners, and provide a communication conduit between staff and trainees, encouraging trainees to practice writing in general, and technical writing in particular.