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Writing Solid Code

I often read job descriptions, and they usually say something like “Must have a strong understanding of the principles of SOLID software development.” I feel like I understand SOLID, but on the spot I could NOT recite and provide an example of each. I mean you, Liskov Substitution Principle. I wanted to improve, so I began searching Amazon for a good SOLID book. I happened to run across “Writing Solid Code” by Steve Maguire. Though I was initially fooled by the title, it’s not a book about SOLID principles. This is a book about improving software quality through good programming practices. Writing software was harder 25 years ago, and I figured that he had some strong, timeless lessons. So, through the magic of Prime shipping, I had the book in my hands the next day.

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SQL Server Database Snapshots

A snapshot is an instant read-only copy of a database that can be queried or used as a restore point. You might take a snapshot before running any modification queries in production, or to give yourself a restore point when performing a deployment. Even in a sophisticated team, I’m certain that snapshots can solve an existing problem for every developer.
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Passed 70-486

I passed my 70-486 exam today. I would hope so, since this exam covers what I do all day, every day. This is called¬†Developing ASP.NET 4.5 MVC Web Applications.¬†Having already taken my first exam (70-480) a few weeks ago, I knew what to expect. I also knew the location of the testing center, how long it would take (two hours and thirty minutes through Denver’s rush hour traffic), etc. So, I was pretty relaxed.
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