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Curriculum Design Assistant

The CDA is a tool designed to decrease the existing gap between standards, assessments, and day-to-day classroom lessons using effective practices and technology-based mechanisms. The CDA is built with an open, layered architecture, with strict Model-View-Controller separation.

  • Struts framework for View and Controller, Oracle database using Jakarta DBCP for Model
  • Quarts job scheduler triggers nightly merge with enterprise data store
  • Container-managed authentication for user/role based authorization
  • JNDI parameters allowing system administrators to customize environment at deploy-time
  • Automated test framework including JUnit and JUnitEE to perform unit and performance testing
  • Ant build process to automate build, test and deploy activities
  • Production system on Solaris with Apache, Tomcat and Oracle
  • Designed and built a training program for nine trainees in web development with Java using the Struts framework. Trainees were assigned to MVC teams based on their performance in the program.